Buzztime's Blackjack™ transforms the television into a blackjack table, and the game pad holds the cards! This 7-player game goes player by player around the table, as if you were sitting in your favorite Vegas casino.


11am - closing on Buzztime 2
(Not available in non-casino states)

Just ask your server!

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  • Ask your server for a Playmaker® or download the Mobile Playmaker app for your iOS or Android smartphone
  • Follow the prompts to log in, register or play as a guest
  • Choose Blackjack from the menu on the Playmaker
  • You will have the option to bet up to 200 chips
  • You will be dealt two cards that will be visible on screen and on your Playmaker
  • You will have 15 seconds to decide what to do once it’s your turn
  • You may hit, stand, split or double down depending on your cards
  • Use the numbers on your Playmaker to decide your strategy
  • Leaderboards will show chip counts. You will also see your chip count under your handle
  • If you are a registered PlayersPlus member, you will be able to see your cumulative “winnings” on your profile page
  • Your scores will be ranked across the nation as well, so check to see how you did at the end of the game on our National Leaderboard!
  • Get out and Play!

*NOTE: Buzztime's Card games are not available in the states of MN, WA, MO, MT, MS and QB as well as certain locations in SC, ME and OR.