Social Media Tips: Target Customers Not Fans

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Do you remember where you were the first time a server called you by name? The first time a bartender gave you a free cocktail because it was clear you were having a “long day”? How about the simple act of a hostess holding the door as you enter?

Through updates on Facebook and Twitter, customers provide you with an unprecedented level of insight into their lives. Since we now know everybody’s name — at least those who chose to connect with our business via social media — there is no reason not to take advantage of that information.

To this day, one of our favorite examples of going “above and beyond” for a customer comes from Morton’s.

About a year ago, the story of a Morton’s steak house in New Jersey that brought dinner to one of the chain’s regulars at the end of a long day spread like wildfire!

The man, Peter Shankman, was going to miss dinner and tweeted sarcastically that he wanted Morton’s to meet him at Newark Airport with a Porterhouse.

When he arrived at the terminal he found a tuxedo-wearing staffer from the Hackensack location holding a bag containing the requested Porterhouse, along with an order of shrimp and several sides.

Shankman was so blown away he wrote a 1,200 word blog post about the experience complete with pictures of the meal.

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