15 great ideas to add $10 to every check

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Increasing sales is easier said than done. Follow these ideas to add additional money to each check to help improve your profits.

1. It all starts with making sure your staff knows your menu. Make sure they know what’s offered, what you’re best at, and that they develop their own favorites from each section of the menu, so they can make recommendations to every customer.

2. Offer an incentive when customers purchase $10 more than your current average ticket. Example: $5 Off When You Spend $25 or More! 10 Off When You Spend $50 or More!

3. Introduce a punch card — but only punch those cards when the customer’s ticket is more than $X. This gives people a reason to reach your threshold. And don’t forget to reward them when they get 5 punches (or whatever number you choose).

4. Run specials on your highest-priced menu items. This brings down the price on your premium items, given the perception of a better deal, but still encourages customers to splurge, rather than settle for the lowest-priced items.

5. Create brand-new menu items named after well known local celebrities, personalities, or even sports teams. People will want to at least try the new menu item, which is priced at a premium.

6. Allow online ordering, but with a minimum order value that’s beyond your average ticket. Let people order from your website or via text message before arriving, ensuring them their meal will be hot and ready for them, within a certain number of minutes.

7. Recommend, recommend, recommend. Train your staff to challenge your customers to choose the best you have to offer –- particularly couples out on dates or enjoying a drink to celebrate a special occasion. Don’t let them settle for the basics on your menu!

8. Have a companion item for every primary item on your menu – including drinks. This is your version of “Do you want fries with that?” Customers crave recommendations; it helps them narrow down choices. If one person is ordering a drink, tell them they’ve just got to try this new drink. If a certain lunch is ordered, suggest a special drink or appetizer to go with it.

9. Have something for your customers to do while in your restaurant, and train your staff to encourage them to do it: darts, pool, Buzztime trivia, etc. The longer you can get them to stay, the more likely they are to order another drink, or to break down and go ahead with that appetizer (that they weren’t necessarily planning to order!).

10. Offer a “lite” menu (fewer calories, or carbs, or sugar, or whatever other ingredient) but with premium prices. Customers may be more likely to purchase these because they are, or want to give the impression to someone that they are, watching their diet!

11. Train your staff to describe menu items in the most delicious way possible. For example, don’t let them get by with “Can I get you guys a beer?” or, “Would you like dessert?” Instead, say, “How about a Bud Light Wheat, guys? It’s a new beer with a really clean taste. Want to give it a shot?” or, “Before you go, can I get you a slice of our delicious red velvet cake? I have a little bit every day I work! You can take it back to work with you…”

12. Table tents! Get your specials and premium items right in front of customers from the moment they sit down. Whether your server points it out to them or not, many customers will take a glance and see what you’re promoting.

13. Make sure your hosts are getting in on the action of introducing specials to customers. This way, your customers will have heard about these specials twice.

14. Use your in-bar or in-restaurant televisions as internal ad machines. If you have a configurable system (like Buzztime) where you can present specials to customers, it’s yet another soft sell way to introduce them to new menu items or higher-priced menu items.

15. Bundle. Combine similar items and offer them to customers who come in pairs or groups. Price the items together slightly lower than they would be if purchased separately under normal conditions…

Do you have any ideas you would add to this list?

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  • Larry Sales

    'Do you want fries with that' is the quickest way to turn off a customer. Right away Ithink Iam being served prepackagedand reheated food.

  • Larry Sales

    'Do you want fries with that' is the quickest way to turn off a customer. Right away Ithink Iam being served prepackagedand reheated food.

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