2015 Food Trends

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2015 is coming up fast…so what does that mean for your restaurant? Although you’ll never be 100% sure where the restaurant industry will go, there are a few trends on the horizon. Nation’s Restaurant News put the spotlight on some of the big trends for 2015. Here are some of the highlights: 


One of the biggest things you should look for in 2015? Tacos. It makes sense—they’re small, easily customizable and available at different price points. If you’ve created an amazing fish taco or something more unusual, 2015 could be a great time to add it to your menu!

Scrambled eggs.

It might seem strange that something as basic as scrambled eggs could be a big food trend…but then again, 2014 was the year of artisanal toast.

Soft serve.

Froyo may be on its way out; old-school soft serve ice cream is on the rise on 2015. This dessert treat is fun and nostalgic.

Patty melts.

Over the past few years, burgers have gotten bigger and more complex. It’s hard to find one that doesn’t involve bacon jam and fancy cheese. But in 2015, we may see a return to simplicity as the restaurant industry embraces the classic patty melt. These grilled cheese/burger combos will be popular.

Mini cocktails.

You’ve seen mini desserts in the past, and tiny sandwiches in the form of sliders. Now it’s time for your bar to get the same mini makeover as smaller (and cheaper) cocktails become hot.


Flasks aren’t just for sneaking booze in anymore—in fact, some bars and restaurants are encouraging them! Some bars are creating fancy souvenir flasks that guests are able to take with them.


Put your bourbon and tequila on the backburner, because 2015 is gin’s year to shine. This liquor will be more popular than ever at your bar, so make sure your bartenders can create the perfect G&T!


Whether it’s shuffleboard, bocce, or old-school arcade games, many bars and restaurants are turning to games to keep their customers entertained.

No customization.

Customers are used to getting whatever they want the way they want it, whether that means a subbed out side, an ingredient swap, or an extra condiment. And, up until now, most restaurants have been happy to oblige. But is catering towards the customer on its way out? Some restaurants are refusing to customize their dishes, claiming that customers should eat them the way they were intended to be eaten. Would you consider taking such a hard line at your restaurant?

2015 will be here before we know it, so keep an eye on these food trends! Have you spotted any in your restaurant already?

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