July 10, 2013 31 August Marketing Ideas for Your Bar or Restaurant

august marketing ideas

Summer will be coming to a close before you know it, but there are still a couple more months of beautiful weather ahead. That’s a couple more months that your customers will be out and about. Your restaurants should be finishing the summer strong to make up for any chance of a business drop-off during the fall and winter. You need to think in advance to plan a successful marketing strategy, so were giving you almost a month to plan for August!

August is full of unique and interesting opportunities to reel customers in. While there aren’t any major holidays in August, there are numerous non-traditional holidays that you could incorporate into your August marketing plan. Many of these days involve food such as National Watermelon Day, International Beer Day and Sugar Cookie Day. Even though some of these non-traditional holidays don’t deal with food, for example you could offer discounts on National Girlfriend’s Day or Senior Citizens Day. You could also offer something to the kids as August is Get Ready for Kindergarten Month, and Back to School Month.

Don’t forget to also utilize these days to increase engagement on your social media pages. For instance, you could have customers post pictures on your Facebook page of them relaxing on National Relaxation Day. Or they could submit a picture of their furry Friend on National Dog Day.

Many important dates in history also occurred during the month of August. The end of World War II was August 14th, 1945. Also on August 21st, 1951, Hawaii became the 50th state.

There are plenty of ways to get creative with your marketing!

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The full list of marketing ideas for August.

1- National Girlfriend’s Day

2- National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

3- National Watermelon Day

4- National Sisters Day

5- International Beer Day

6- National Root Beer Float Day

7- National Mustard Day

8- National Sneak Zucchini onto Your Neighbors Porch Day

9- National Sugar Cookie Day

10- National S’mores Day

11- National Son and Daughter Day

12- International Youth Day

13- National Left Handers Day

14- National Creamsicle Day

15- National Relaxation Day

16- Bratwurst Day

17- National Vanilla Custard Day

18- National Soft Ice Cream Day

19- National Potato Day

20- National Lemonade Day

21- National Senior Citizen Day

22- Be an Angel Day

23- National Spongecake Day

24- National Waffle Day

25- National Banana Split Day

26- National Dog Day

27- National Banana Lovers Day

28- National Cherry Turnover Day

29- Chop Suey Day

30- National Toasted Marshmallow Day

31- Eat Outside Day

How will you creatively plan out your marketing for August?