5 Creative ways to use Twitter in your Bar/Restaurant

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Twitter is a phenomenon that has invaded our lives over the past few years. Whether we as business owners understand it or “get it” or not is irrelevant. More important is that we recognize that our customers use this medium regularly. With that in mind, wouldn’t it make sense to stay on top of it? Here are five ways to make more of Twitter in your bar/restaurant.

Get Customers Involved
Be creative and designate a place where customers can share their own Twitter handle or use a specific hashtag.  Create a chalkboard wall where people can sign their names, leave a comment or write their Twitter handle. This is the kind of graffiti that you actually WANT to have in your bar!

Invest In a Twitter Board
Display your Twitter mentions on a giant screen in your bar or restaurant.  It will let your customers know what others are talking about or what menu items they recommend. You can use a regular computer screen or feed by using a service like Twitterfall which is free. Your digital signage company may also be able to provide you with a feature like this on your screens.

Display your Twitter Handle in Creative Ways
Build it and they will come is an adage that rarely works in the hospitality industry. You must first make customers aware of your business. Let customers know about your Twitter handle or a specific hashtag by putting it on the back of your employees’ shirts, including it on your menu or displaying it in a big way.  Being creative about displaying your profile will intrigue your customs and make them curious about what you post. For those customers who use Twitter, they will appreciate the lengths you have gone to share your profiles.

Tweet Your Daily Specials
Let customers know about your specials that change daily. Improve the tweet even further by including a nice photo. Why not take the photo on Instagram, apply a nice filter and share it with your Twitter account for added social media props. If you run out of a menu item, consider sharing that too. That way your customers aren’t surprised or disappointed when they come into your bar or restaurant with expectations.

Follow Customers
Develop a relationship with your customers and follow them on Twitter.  This allows you to see what they are saying about your bar or restaurant as well as other businesses that they enjoy going to. Never underestimate the value of following your customers on Twitter. We’ve lost track of the number of times we’ve seen customers tweet about how happy they are that their favorite bar or restaurant is following them. It’s the little things!

So there you have it. You are now an official Twit! And don’t forget to follow us at @BuzztimeBiz for more daily tips and ideas.

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