5 Things NOT To Do on Your Restaurant Website

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You want your restaurant’s website to attract customers, but is it just turning them away? It could be if you’re not careful! Read through this list, and then take a good look at your website to make sure you’re not making any of these mistakes.

1. Use Flash.

To put it simply, you need to ditch Flash. It’s outdated, takes way too long to load, and isn’t viewable on many mobile devices. You want your website to be readable and easy-to-load from everywhere, including phones. Remember that text in flash images (like your phone number or address) can’t be copied and pasted, which is frustrating for customers who want to call you or look up directions.

2. Play music.

Let’s say your potential customer decides to check out your menu on her office computer. Do you think she wants the entire office to be assaulted with the smooth jazz that automatically plays whenever someone clicks on your website? Probably not. Make the music optional, or even better, just leave it off altogether.

3. Keep your menu a secret.

Most customers who visit your website are looking for one thing: your menu. This means they want to see what you offer and what the price is. Leaving off your prices won’t tell potential customers anything—after all, there’s a big difference between a $15 meal and a $50 meal. Many restaurants who include their menu make another big faux pas—forcing customers to download a PDF of the menu. It might be a little more work to design a menu for your site that doesn’t need to be downloaded, but your customers will appreciate it.

4. Hide your contact info.

Your important information (address, phone number, and hours) should be easily found on the main page of your website. If customers have to click around too much to find it, they might just give up. Make sure customers can easily copy and paste this information.

5. Do it yourself. If you’re actually a pro at web design, then go for it! But otherwise?

Hire someone who knows what s/he’s doing. Creating an easy-to-navigate website is difficult to do, so it’s worth forking over the money to a professional. Your web designer will be able to help you avoid most of these pitfalls.

By avoiding things like Flash animation, music, inconvenient menus, hard-to-find contact info, and unprofessional sites, you’ll be well on your way to creating a website that actually attracts customers instead of turns them away! If you’re redesigning your website soon, don’t forget to make sure it is designed for mobile use.

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