5 Ways to Improve Your Tweets

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Though the whole endeavor might seem a little goofy at first, the basics of Twitter aren’t all that difficult. You create an account and start tweeting and following. Simple.

But that is not to say it’s easy to be good at Twitter. The reason your presence on the platform isn’t taking off the way you’d hoped could have to do with the quality of the information you’re putting out there. Here are five suggestions that will give your tweeting a kick in the tail feathers.

Tweet at the Best Time

It is important to tweet from your business account every single day. It is also important to put out more information or important information on days or times that are best for your industry. For the best results, it is important not to tweet important information after 8pm or on weekends.  For more information, click here.

Leave Room for Re-Tweets

If possible, do your best not to use all 140 allowed characters in a tweet.  If people want to quote your tweet and add their own comment, they won’t be able to if you’ve already used all of the characters.

Use Hashtags

Use a hashtag (when appropriate, for example when you’re tweeting about a new product or promotion) and encourage customers to do the same.  This will improve your interaction on Twitter and allow your customers to discuss your products with one another.  You can also monitor the conversation to get feedback on your product.

Add a Link/Image

If you’re talking about a specific event or promotion, thanking customers for their support, or promoting a new dish, add a link or image to your tweet.  The link could be directly to your Facebook profile or your website. The image will show your followers how successful your event was or how delish your new dish looks. It will generate traffic to those areas while informing your customers of the current happenings.

Tweet Sharable Content

As with Facebook, posting tweets day in and day out that are only about specials and when bands are playing isn’t helping. Tweet articles related to your industry. Tweet funny GIFs that you think your followers will like. Include a funny or alluring caption to encourage followers to click the links or images that you post.

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