5 Ways to Increase Sales on Foursquare Day

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The fourth annual Foursquare Day is approaching quickly, and you would be crazy not to get in on the action. According to MomentFeed, customer engagement was up 275% last year on April 16. So how can you celebrate in your bar or restaurant? Follow these five tips for promoting sales on Foursquare Day.

Do more than a discount

To celebrate the first annual Foursquare Day in 2010, McDonald’s gave away 100 gift cards to winners selected from the pool of customers who checked in using Foursquare on April 16. While no one was a guaranteed winner, the promotion still worked. McDonald’s gained 600,000 new online followers and sales were up 33%.

Instead of offering a discount for everyone, offer a complimentary entree, drinks on the house or gift cards to randomly selected winners.

Offer mayoral perks

Start promoting Foursquare Day early by offering free food or drinks for your mayor for the entire day. You’ll have your regular customers frequenting your bar or restaurant to try and earn the top spot the week leading up to the big day.

Sweeten the deal 

Foursquare tracks the number of times customers check in to different locations, allowing businesses to offer rewards to loyal customers. on April 16, make points worth double, allowing customers to reap extra benefits.

For example, if someone has checked in five times, offer them the prize typically saved for someone who has checked in 10 times. Rewards can be anything. What would your customers want to receive? A free dessert or drink with purchase are always safe choices.

Host an event

Foursquare recently launched an event feature for businesses. Book an awesome band, host a local comedian or hold an open mic night of Foursquare Day and promote it by allowing customers to not only check in to your bar or restaurant, but to also check in to the actual event and share with friends.

Monitor feedback 

A great feature for users is the ability to leave tips about locations where they check in. However, if an unsatisfied customer weighs in, those tips can reflect negatively on your bar or restaurant.

Just as you should monitor feedback on Twitter and Facebook, Foursquare is no exception. Tools like Fourscanallow owners to monitor the tips posted about their businesses and respond to negative feedback or complaints directly. With Foursquare Day approaching, take the time to reply to unsatisfied customers and ask them to come in for another shot on April 16 to participate in your Foursquare fun!

Have you celebrated Foursquare Day in the past? What will you do this year to celebrate Foursquare Day?

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