6 Ideas for Bars and Restaurants to Cash in Big this Father’s Day

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The National Restaurant Association (NRA) projects that 50 million Americans will dine out on Father’s Day this year (Sun. June 16). It’s also ranked as the third most popular holiday for dining out after Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

NRA research also reveals that the most important factor for dining consumers when choosing a restaurant on Father’s Day is whether it is dad’s favorite restaurant, regardless of specials. With that in mind, hopefully your bar or restaurant is already on many dads’ top lists. But regardless of where you rank on the list, below are some sure-fire ways to boost profits on Father’s Day.

Create a special pre-fixe Father’s Day Menu:

Give dads something special on Father’s Day, beyond your bar or restaurant’s normal menu. When devising your menu think about what dads like to eat and drink. One idea is to play on the wine pairing concept, instead offering a pre-fixe beer pairing menu catering to your men clientele. But in addition to serving classic “guy food,” such as steak, burgers and potatoes, make sure you have options on the menu that everyone will enjoy.

Be ready for an influx of kids:

In most cases, dad will be enjoying his Father’s Day meal with his family, which means keeping kids happy must be an important part of your guest experience. For your guests with young children, make sure to offer plenty of coloring paper and crayons at the table and a fun kid’s menu.

Encourage reservations:

Encourage reservations to help minimize wait times for guests and get a better handle on what kind of business you can expect throughout the day and/or evening. This will ensure that you maintain consistent service and food quality, even during unusually high rush periods.

Plan ahead:

Father’s Day is one of those major holidays when you’ll need to be ready for a bigger than usual rush. So it’s important to think and plan ahead. For instance, have the kitchen staff prep certain foods ahead of time, where possible, such as potatoes, onions, ground beef patties, etc. Also, anticipate a full bar or restaurant by staffing accordingly. It’s better to be over-staffed then under-staffed on major holidays, such as Father’s Day.

Hold a fun contest or giveaway:

Give dads an opportunity to enter to win free tickets to the baseball game, movie theatre tickets, etc. Promote the contest on your social networks, as well, to use it as an extra way to drive patronage to your bar or restaurant on Father’s Day. Then take a photo of the winning dad to announce and congratulate him on your Facebook page, blog, etc.

Boost sales with a Father’s Day gift:

Honor and celebrate dads with a gift that their families can choose to buy in your restaurant. For example, The Porch Restaurant and Bar in Sacramento, Calif. will be serving a Jack Daniel’s paired dinner on Father’s Day with the option of purchasing a Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Engraved Bottle for $60.

So for all of America’s bars and restaurants, cheers to a lucrative Father’s Day!

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