6 Things Restaurants Can Learn From the Amy’s Baking Company Nightmare

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As many people are well aware, social media, specifically Facebook and Yelp, have become helpful tools for restaurants and bars to utilize.  They allow owners and managers to easily communicate and market themselves directly to their customers and receive feedback. However, as Amy’s Baking Company has so wonderfully demonstrated with their recent meltdown, it is key that social media must be used wisely and carefully or else it will hurt your business much more than help you.

Here are just a few of the many lessons that the owners of Amy’s Baking Company have so graciously taught us:

1. Think carefully before you post.

Amy and Samy Bouzaglo, owners of Amy’s Baking Company, took to Facebook to vent their anger and defend themselves to the public. Many of the posts were typed in all caps and majority featured threats, cussing, and a lot of name calling.  These posts were later deleted by the couple, which shows that they probably should not have posted them in the first place. Always think twice before you post, even if you are upset. (Image courtesy of HuffingtonPost)

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2. Treat employees with respect.

As shown on Gordon Ramsay’s show Kitchen Nightmares, the owners pocketed their employees’ tips and verbally abused them. It’s probably safe to assume that they have a rather high turnover rate. Always treat your employees (and customers) with respect, no matter what the situation may be. (Image courtesy of HuffingtonPost)

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3. Don’t lie. 

The Bouzaglo’s have been found to be quite the fibbers. Not only have they passed off their signature baked, or more like bought, goods as their own but, they also tried to claim that the comments posted on Facebook were from a hacker. Are they fooling anyone? Never lie to the public or your customers. Believe it or not, they will be able to tell your fib from the truth and things could get out of hand very quickly (like we’ve witnessed here).


4. Realize the importance of customer service.

There is a new unofficial club that has formed consisting of people who have been kicked out of Amy’s Baking Company, and the numbers continue to increase. If a customer made any complaints (ie. fruit flies in drinks or a pizza order that had taken over an hour,) Samy Bouzalgo skipped any kind of customer service and kicked the customer to the curb. (Image courtesy of HuffingtonPost)

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5. Accept constructive criticism graciously. 

Gordon Ramsay is one of the toughest and meanest celebrity chefs out there, but even he couldn’t handle Amy’s Baking Company.  He chose to walk out on the owners because the couple didn’t show respect or interest in listening to Ramsay. In fact, they actually yelled at him and refused to accept any piece of criticism.  The Bouzalgos should have been aware that their restaurant was in need of some help when they were featured on a show with the word “nightmare” in the title.


6. Don’t provoke people on the internet. 

When Amy’s Baking Company was receiving negative Facebook comments, they chose to fight back; which is always a bad decision. They quickly made the situation much worse.  They also directly addressed and challenged the “trash”, I mean commenters, which just fueled the fire even more. (Image courtesy of HuffingtonPost)

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What is your take away from Amy’s Baking Company? Are there any lessons that you learned?

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