6 Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Restaurant’s Facebook Page

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Social media is the way of the world these days and your bar or restaurant should be taking part in online conversations. Increasing customer engagement on your page means building relationships which can lead to more business in your restaurant. Try these tips to help you increase customer engagement on your Facebook page.

Ask Questions

Asking questions is an easy way to receive engagement. However, it is also great for learning more about your customers. Ask intriguing questions that will stimulate your customers thoughts and help associate these thoughts with your restaurant. More importantly, use the answers to the business’s advantage as this will increase sales.

Use Engaging Images

Internet users scan when they view webpages and the same goes for your Facebook page. Use images instead of text whenever possible to catch the user’s attention. Also, use images that tell the viewer a story and require little or no explanation.

Use Promoted Posts

Promoting or “Boosting” a post is an easy way to guarantee your post reaches your fans and their friends. This is essentially an ad without going through the trouble of creating and designing an ad. By clicking the “Boost Post” button on a post, you can choose to pay a fee to reach your fans.

Ask for Engagement

Ask and you shall receive. Ask your fans to like, share or comment on your posts. You could also ask that they give feedback. You will find that when you ask for engagement, you will receive engagement.

Keep it Simple

Like it was stated earlier, internet users scan webpages when they are browsing. This means they are less likely to engage when confronted with a wall of text. Keep your posts fun and exciting, but straight and to the point. The more time a user thinks it will take to read a post, the less likely they are to read it.

Sweepstakes, Contests, and Rewards

There are many different ways to offer rewards for engagement on your Facebook page. Have sweepstakes or fun contests where a lucky fan has a chance of winning a prize or a free meal. Or challenge fans to create something such as a new sandwich or burger. Facebook has also made it easy to create discounts that fans can claim.

Using social media is a must for those looking to have their restaurant recognized and remembered. Facebook is a great and cheap way to market your business. Use it to its full potential and make sure your name is being seen. If you are still learning the ropes of the social media world, check out our roundup of expert social media tips to get you on the path to success.

Are you increasing engagement on your Facebook Page?

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