8 Tips for Creating Awesome Customer Loyalty

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While finding new customers is something your bar or restaurant should strive to do, creating and maintaining a loyal customer base is of utmost importance. Not only will a loyal customer base develop into a consistent source of business but it will also lead to new customers walking through your door. Here are eight steps to help you develop that customer base.

Loyalty Programs

Implementing a loyalty program is a great way to help establish a loyal customer base. Loyalty programs will persuade your customers to come back again and again in order to receive special discounts. This could be a card that builds up reward points that can be used on meals or a card that gets punched per meal and once fully punched, leads to a free meal.

Service is Key

While it may sound cliché, there’s no doubt that great customer service will lead to return customers. Train your employees right and make sure they are treating customers with ultimate care and respect. If there is one thing customers remember about their dining experience, it’s terrible service.

Trivia Nights

An element of customer loyalty that is often overlooked is games for your bar or restaurant. Hosting trivia nights once a week is an easy way to get reoccurring customers through your door and coming back for more.

Online Presence

Make sure your business has a strong online presence. Utilize social media, e-mail, or even texting to keep your customers in the know. Remind customers of your great deals, daily specials, or trivia nights coming up. These will serve as reminders of what they are missing, and should lure customers in.

Employee Loyalty

In order to gain customer loyalty, you should establish employee loyalty. Make your restaurant somewhere that is enjoyable to work. Great service and atmosphere begins and ends with employee loyalty. As long as they are getting the job done, let your employees have fun and be themselves. The customer loyalty will follow suit.

Birthday Meal Deals

Your loyal customers deserve a birthday present. Offer them a special discount or even a free meal on their birthday. They can sign up via e-mail and print off a coupon on that special day.

Referral Rewards

Let the customers do some of the work and help them help you. Give them the incentive to refer some new customers to come in. Offer them a discount for referring a new customer to visit your restaurant.


Your restaurant should remain as consistent as possible so customers know what to expect during their next visit. Remain strict with your recipes and never stray. A dish should taste exactly how it did the last time a customer ordered it. When offering your daily specials, keep them on the same day. This way customers won’t be surprised and find out it isn’t offered that day.

Make sure you are doing your part to attract a loyal customer base. This will be a solid and consistent part of your business and will help spread a good reputation about your establishment.

What are you doing to create a loyal customer base?

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