Attract Families and Keep Them in Their Seats Longer With Live Games

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How much attention does your restaurant place on families? Do you actively try to attract them? If you simply see families as parties with small children who don’t order much, you’re shortchanging yourself! Parties with children under 12 spend more than $17.7 billion annually at restaurants. And seven out of 10 people take a restaurant’s family/child friendliness into account when deciding where to eat. Clearly, families are big business! But how can you attract families to your restaurant? Try offering live games! Here are a few reasons why live games can be such a huge draw for families.

Kids have fun.

It’s no surprise that kids can be hard to entertain, especially when they’re at a restaurant. Even at the quickest restaurant, there’s still some time spent waiting. Whether they’re waiting for a table, waiting for food, or waiting for their parents to get finished eating, any time spent unoccupied can quickly become boring time for kids. But with games, you can keep kids occupied and having fun!

Parents get a break.

Most parents would love to have a night out—but with kids around, this can be difficult! It’s hard to find a restaurant that parents love that also keeps kids happy. By offering games at your restaurant, you can let parents kick back and enjoy themselves—without worrying that their kids will get worried or cause a scene.

Families can bond.

Nothing brings a family together faster than playing a game (and having a little bit of friendly competition). Buzztime’s live events are perfect for families who want to spend more time together and have fun. Families with older kids will love showing off their smarts with Trivia LIVE. But if families aren’t so confident in their trivia abilities? No problem! With OpinioNation LIVE, players don’t have to know the right answer—they just have to know the most popular one!

You create customers for life.

When you offer something that kids love, like games, you’ll help them form fond memories. And when those kids get older and have kids of their own, they’ll be back to recreate those memories! Offering games helps you get loyal customers.

You stand out from the crowd.

In today’s crowded restaurant world, you have to do whatever it takes to stand out. Simply offering great food and service isn’t enough! By offering games and making your restaurant an awesome place for families, you’ll help your restaurant get ahead.

Start offering live games in your restaurant today to attract families and keep them in their seats longer!

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