Bar Marketing: Facebook Do’s and Don’ts

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These days nearly everyone is on Facebook, and if you want to run a successful business your business has to be on Facebook as well. Many business owners can see this as just another chore, but having a successful Facebook presence can increase revenue as well as your customer base. If done right, using Facebook for bar marketing can be easy, and profitable.

The Do’s

1. Do put all your relevant business information on your Facebook page.

This includes your hours, your address, and a little blurb about your bar as well as a link to your website. Doing this can help customers find you easier and answers all the basic information they need to know in order to make it to your bar when it is open.

Players Sports Bar in San Diego does a great job of this. They have filled out all of their details so customers can easily contact them and get a better understanding of their offerings.

2.Advertise your specials, especially any drink promotions.

If people like your bar, they’ll like your page, and if they like your page, they’ll see what you advertise. By advertising your specials, you are increasing the chances of the word getting out and customers coming in. Many bars fall because, while they have great specials, no one knows about them. So take advantage of the online followers and their ability to spread the word.

Frankie’s Sports Bar & Grill in Texas not only advertised their Monday Martini special, they also added a bit of humor by including a SoMe card.

3. Be profession, but fun.

A bar should be a fun place, so it’s okay to have a light and playful tone to your Facebook page, but remember you’re a business. If you get too friendly, or too risqué, you risk alienating some of your potential clients and losing money. If you’re too stiff and uptight, you have the potential to scare off the younger crowd. Find a balance between playful, advertising, and professional, and you’ll deliver the right message.

Joe Senser’s Restaurant & Sports Theater snapped a picture of a customer who won a recent prize – a great way to engage customers and Facebook fans to keep them coming back for more!

The Don’ts

1. Don’t spam your followers.

When a Facebook fan likes your page they are doing so because they want updates and they enjoy your bar, but that doesn’t mean they want to read about it thirty times a day. Too many posts and you risk being deleted or blocked, which means they won’t see anything at all. Keep your updates to a minimum of once daily for specials, but preferable two a day, once when you open, and once mid-evening. Also keep posts to things that are important—special events, drink and meal specials, and any good reasons to draw someone out.

2. Don’t ignore your followers.

It’s okay to talk to your patrons, even if it is online. Forming a relationship with them, albeit a professional yet fun one, can keep customers coming back, and replying to posts can be the right way to do it. Now, of course there are posts that are better left ignored, but posts that are a friendly thank you or a customer complaint should be addressed if possible.

In this day and age social media can be a key to developing a business. Facebook is a relatively easy platform to start and maintain a business page on, and with millions of follows it can help spread the word on your bar quicker than you can imagine.

Looking for more indepth ideas on how to use Facebook to market your bar? Check out our post on The Secret Sauce to Marketing Your Bar or Restaurant.

How have you used Facebook to promote your bar?

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