You Know Your Bar/Restaurant Sucks at Social Media if…

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Okay people, it’s time for some tough love. You’ve taken the plunge into social media, and we couldn’t be happier but just doing something isn’t the same thing as doing something worthwhile (insert obligatory reality TV star joke).

So, in an attempt to pass along some negative reinforcement, we’re going to point out some of the most common “Don’ts” we come across when looking at how bars and restaurants use social media. You may want to sit down.

You only post your special.

Look, we know your $6 crab cake special is the best deal on the Eastern Seaboard but telling us about it every week isn’t the best use of your Facebook page. Good social media isn’t a one-way street, so you shouldn’t be using it exclusively as a bulletin board.

You have a Facebook profile page

Along with being in violation of the company’s Terms of Service, having a Facebook profile page for your bar simply isn’t good business. Business pages were designed with you in mind. They allow you to analyze statistics about your fans, take advantage of the landing page option and show up more easily in Google searches. Follow this link to set up your business page.

You tweet in all caps.

Stop it. This is just annoying. Oh and the Caps Cop might just catch you too. No joke.

You don’t respond to SM requests responses from fans.

Leaving comments/questions sitting out there on the interwebs is bad for two reasons:

1. You didn’t respond to somebody who cares enough to reach out to your business.
2. Other people will see this.

There are ten Facebook pages out there for your business.

If you don’t take control of your social media presence, others will eventually do it for you. While it’s nice that customers care enough to devote a page to your bar and check in every time they visit on any one of 10 different location pages, the fact remains you don’t have any input over control over what is being said.

Nobody is monitoring your Twitter page.

Twitter is great and you should be using it. But make sure you actually, you know, use it. An account that sits unused week after week will be very glaring to those interested in talking to you online.

Using your company profile for personal reason.

Yes, we know that local/national politician is an idiot and is making everyone’s life a complete disaster but that simply isn’t something you should be sharing in the voice of your business. Even people who agree with you might be turned off if they think your establishment is a contentious place.

Low quality images.

You don’t need to bring in the next Ansel Adams or anything, but don’t populate your platforms with dark, grainy pictures. You have access to a decent camera or smart phone, turn on the lights and take some creative shots!

This hurts us more than it does you, so please don’t force us to write this article again. You know we’ll do it. Just correct these simple mistakes and start reaping the rewards of well-run social media marketing can provide.

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