Going BEOND. This Bar Increased Beer Sales $800 Per Week!

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Owner of Beef ‘O’ Brady’s in Newburgh, Indiana, John exemplifies how easy it is to “go beyond” for your customers. What’s his secret? It’s his ability to constantly ask one simple question: “What do my guests want?” By finding the answers to this challenge, John was able to offer them the winning combination of Buzztime and beer… what’s better than that?!

John became a Buzztime fan after playing our trivia, cards and sports games himself and knew that bringing free entertainment to his guests was a no-brainer way to build camaraderie and engagement. He was right! John then learned that his new regulars were craft beer fans, so he quickly added 12 higher-end beers that his trivia buffs love. In a short time, John saw an increase of more than $800 per week in craft beer sales alone.

John’s recipe for success: He simply paid attention to what excited and motivated his guests to come back again and again. By creating a playful community atmosphere through trivia contests like Smartest Bar and Beef’s Battle, John has built a loyal group of players that not only comes back 3 to 5 times a week but brings their friends too!

John’s story is proof that success is crafted by focusing on the people who help you create it and giving them what they want.

If you’d like to learn more about how your bar or restaurant can go BEOND, click here.

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