How to Use a Blog to Promote Your Restaurant

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Does your restaurant need a blog? If you want to engage customers and search engines, definitely! A blog can help your business in many ways. First, it’s a way to provide a personal touch—you can speak directly to customers in your own unique voice. When you provide a human connection, customers are way more likely to come back. From a more business-oriented standpoint, a blog can also help in terms of SEO. Regularly updated websites (with plenty of relevant, searchable content) get higher rankings in search engines—which means customers will be more likely to find your website instead of your competition’s.

So now that you know how important a blog is, what should you do to get yours up and running? Here are four simple steps you can take to start blogging.

1. Decide who’s going to write your blog.

You don’t necessarily need to hire someone for this, but take an honest look at your skills. You don’t need to be Shakespeare, but you do need to be clearly understood. Is your writing generally easy-to-read? How’s your spelling and grammar? If the answers to those questions are “No” and “not so great,” consider finding another employee who has a way with words. And you can always hire a writer—the cost will be worth it.

2. Figure out what you’ll post about.

Your opportunities are endless. You can showcase new menu items, talk about upcoming promotions, highlight events, post photos, or update your customers on recent news. Whatever you do, make sure your blog doesn’t read like one big advertisement—if it does, customers won’t read it, which defeats the purpose. Consider doing interesting posts that highlight why you’re different from the competition. Do you use local ingredients? Interview your suppliers. Or try posting recipes.

3. Get readers.

Writing blog posts is half the battle, but you still have to get people to actually read them. So how do you do this? Make sure to include links to your blog on your website and social media platforms. Whenever you write a new post, tweet about it (or post is on Facebook). Include your blog address on your menus. And what about offering contests? If you offer a gift card to a randomly selected commenter on a certain blog post, you’ll probably gets tons of comments (and readers).

4. Write consistently.

The only thing worse than no blog? A blog that hasn’t been updated since 2010. If you don’t update your blog consistently, you’ll look lazy or out of touch to your readers. Or worse—they might even think your restaurant closed. If you pay attention to your blog, readers will assume you pay the same amount of attention to the food you serve in your restaurant. Establish a schedule—you don’t need to post every day, but what about once a week? Or once every two weeks? Either way, don’t let too much time go by without a post.

Blogging isn’t difficult, but it does require consistency, creativity, and attention to detail. By following these four steps, you should be able to start a blog that will promote your restaurant and engage your customers.

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