Why You Need to Claim Your Google+ Listing

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You probably already know that Google is the most popular search engine in the country—in fact, it accounts for 65% of searches! And yet it might not come to mind when it comes to your social media strategy. You’re (hopefully) already active on Twitter and Facebook, and you’ve probably already claimed your business on Yelp, but don’t forget about Google+. It can be an essential when it comes to your web traffic.

So why is Google+ so important? As the Wall Street Journal reports, Yelp claims that Google is promoting its own Google+ listings over other listings. In fact, even if customers search for the name of a restaurant plus “Yelp,” Google still brings up the Google+ listing first! As an internal Yelp presentation puts it, Google “appears to be intentionally serving up search results that contradict the users’ intent.”

While it isn’t clear if Yelp’s claims are accurate, they do make one thing clear: having a Google+ listing is a must for your bar or restaurant! You want to make sure your customers can easily find you when they search for your name. And there are some perks to having a claimed business profile. You can make sure your information is correct, your website is updated, your maps are right, and your pictures are perfect.

So what can you do? Claiming your Google+ listing is pretty simple. Just follow the instructions from Google. Just click on “Create a Google+ page” and you’ll be up and running! If your business’s page already exists (which is possible), it’s still not hard to claim your listing. If you search for your bar or restaurant’s name and a listing comes up, all you have to do is click on “Manage This Page” under the question “Is This My Business?” Once you verify your credentials, you’ll be able to update all of your business’s credentials!

Google+ isn’t just another online listing…it’s an essential way for your bar or restaurant to get noticed! Don’t be left out. Claim your Google+ listing today!

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