How to Create Repeat Business at Your Bar

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What’s even more important than getting new customers into your bar or restaurant? Turning those new customers into repeat customers! Repeat customers make up about 15% of your customer base, but they bring in about 1/3 of your revenue. That’s a huge portion of your sales! So what can you do to create repeat business? Try following these tips.

Fix complaints immediately.

If customers have problems with your bar or restaurant, don’t ignore them. Investigate the problem and get to the bottom of it, but don’t stop there…you have to actually make it right. Customers who feel like their complaints are taken seriously are more likely come back to your restaurant.


If you want to have loyal customers, it’s important to get to know the people coming in to your bar or restaurant. This means going beyond small talk and getting to know who they are and why they’re there. Regulars like to be recognized by name. Try developing actual relationships with your customers—this is the best way to ensure that they’ll be back.

Have great service.

Put simply, if your service stinks, you’ll have a hard time getting any customers, let alone loyal ones. Customers’ satisfaction with the service of a bar or restaurant is a huge indication of whether or not they’ll be back. Train your servers and hosts to be as courteous, polite, and friendly as possible. Take orders promptly. Don’t keep guests waiting too long for their food and be honest if there’s a problem.

Try games.

If you make your bar or restaurant fun, you can basically guarantee that customers will be back again and again. Games are a great way to bring out your customers’ competitive sides and encourage them to come back frequently. Buzztime BEOND offers engaging card and trivia games that turn your bar or restaurant into the kind of hot spot that your customers love to hang out at.

Offer a loyalty program.

When your customers know that they’ll be rewarded with each visit, they’re more likely to come back. Whether you use a classic punch or swipe card or go for a unique loyalty program, you’ll excite customers by letting them know that a free meal or discount is on the horizon.

Be someone your customers can count on.

Customers will be back if they know they can depend on you to provide the same level of quality every time. This extends beyond service and into the food and drinks you serve. Is your food as good on a busy Saturday night as it is on a slow Tuesday afternoon? Are your portion sizes always the same? Your customers need to know that they can expect quality from you.

Building a loyal customer base is what makes the difference between a successful bar or restaurant and an unsuccessful one. By following these tips, you can increase your repeat business!

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