Creative Ways to Reward Restaurant Staff

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Fantastic employees are your restaurant’s most important resource, and you probably know that it costs far less to keep a good employee than to find and hire a new one. So what can you do to make sure your employees stay with you? It all comes back to how valuable your employees feel. With the right rewards system, you can make your employees feel valued and essential, which will make them want to keep working for you. Read on to learn a few creative ways to reward your employees for outstanding service.

Make your rewards a surprise.

Watch your employees and keep track of their customer interactions. Is anyone going above and beyond? Did a host go out of his or her way to make a customer happy? Did a server bend over backwards to make sure the customer got what s/he wanted? Give them a surprise reward (either monetary or not). If you give employees a reward when they’re not expecting one, it will let them know that you always notice and value their good behavior.

Rewards don’t have to be elaborate.

They don’t even have to cost a thing! Sometimes, the most important thing you can do is take the time to verbally thank your employees. They work hard, and just getting recognition can mean a lot in terms of job satisfaction.

Does your restaurant have a newsletter or a blog?

If so, feature your employee of the month there and give them a taste of celebrity. For more information on the benefits of blogging, click here.

At the beginning of every staff meeting…

Put the spotlight on one employee who’s been doing an amazing job at creating a perfect dining experience for customers.

Involve customers.

Make sure your customers have ample opportunities to let you know if an employee is doing a great job (for example, try leaving comment cards on tables, with the bill, or at the host stand). Every employee who receives a positive comment from a customer can be entered into a monthly raffle.

Prizes for attendance.

One of the most important things your staff can do is show up when you need them, so reward their attendance. Anyone who has perfect attendance for a specified period of time can be entered into a raffle for a cash prize, gift cards, or any reward of your choosing.

Your employees can make or break your restaurant. By trying out a few of these ideas, you can motivate employees to work hard and provide great service.

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