Cultivate Customer Loyalty and Grow Sales

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“Going beyond” doesn’t mean you have to make grand gestures to please your customers. For Romy Pagan, Owner and General Manager of Buffalo Wings and Rings in Orlando, Florida, it simply means regularly communicating with her guests to make sure they’re having a remarkable experience every time they visit.

This engagement has been a key success factor as Romy has built her own Buzztime community of players. Her guests come in regularly thanks to

The communication doesn’t stop with Romy, however. She encourages her staff to engage with customers and invite them to join the action – whether it’s during an exciting competition or a nail-biting round of Countdown trivia. Romy’s team knows how to build engagement around Buzztime, and that makes a huge impact on her bottom line!

Not only does Romy promote Buzztime within her location, but she harnesses the power of social media to make sure her guests have up-to-the-minute information about all of the cool things going on at her location.

By leveraging Buzztime digital ads for drink specials on her TVs, creating competitions and working closely with her dedicated account executive, Romy takes communication to the next level – showing her customers that their passion and loyalty are recognized and appreciated.

Romy has found her recipe for success. How do you go beyond?

If you’d like to learn more about how your bar or restaurant can go BEOND, click here.

  • Corey Savage

    Customers become loyal when they have a great experience. Like you said, it’s not always grand gestures. Even the little things count.

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