Don’t Get Hacked: 5 Security Tips for Your Social Media Accounts

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In the past few years, as social media has boomed, most major companies have chosen to connect to their customers through these types of mediums. This has become an important tool for learning about what customers truly want and as a way to engage with them as never before. However, as effective as social media outlets, such as Twitter and Facebook, can be in improving relations with customers, they could just as easily hurt them. This means that maintaining strong security on your social media accounts is almost as important as the content you post on it.

Burger King and Jeep had to learn this lesson the hard way.  Just a few short months ago, the Twitter accounts of the fast food joint and car company were hacked and several tweets were sent from a group referred to as “Anonymous.” As a result, the images and backgrounds for both companies were altered to feature their competitors while strange and inappropriate messages were also posted. Breaking into company social media accounts is a simple task for any group of hacktivists looking to cause some trouble and kill a little time. Since companies with Twitter and Facebook accounts get no special treatment or extra security settings than personal ones, logging in requires just one username and password like all others. This leaves the social media accounts of well-known international brands pretty vulnerable out in cyberspace.

Although Twitter is currently in the process of building a two-step security solution to end the hackings, it will still be a while until it is available for all users. In order for companies to maintain control of their social media accounts and avoid being hacked, follow these precautions:

1. Make your password weird – the more outlandish your password is, the harder it is for someone to break into your account.  Which means, using the name of your business as your password is a terrible idea.

2. Change your password often – when you change your password on a regular basis, it makes you less likely to be hacked. Be sure to keep a record of your passwords – in a safe place!

3. Beware of who knows your password – when an employee that had access to your social media accounts leaves the company, you should update your passwords immediately. Keep track of who knows your passwords at all times.

4. Different accounts need different passwords – do not use the same password for all of your social media accounts. If your Twitter were to be hacked, having a different password would keep your Facebook and other sites safe.

5. Get help managing your social media accounts – Content Management Systems like HootSuite and Expion are great tools that help you control passwords and allows you to always know who has access to them.

With these tips, you should be able to protect your social media accounts from ruthless hackers on the internet.  This in turn allows you to focus on producing content that improves your reputation and engages with your customers in a positive manner.

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