Double Down on a Competitive Social Experience at Your Bar

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When Rod Ticknor opened his first Native New Yorker location in Phoenix in 1997, one of his early moves was to partner with Buzztime. Because Rod had played Buzztime’s trivia, cards and sports games in his native Atlanta, he jumped on the opportunity to entertain guests in his new restaurant.

Over the years, Rod has watched his Buzztime community grow, especially around poker. His card sharks visit an average of 2 to 3 times a week, and stay for anywhere from 2 to 5 hours at a time. Rod sweetens the pot with prizes for high scorers each night and for any player who gets Native New Yorker’s name on the national leaderboards.

Rod and his team recognize that guests who play Buzztime are more engaged and stay longer, adding up to better sales (and tips!) all around. Servers have created a rapport with regular players, and managers use Buzztime’s digital TV ads to promote events and specials.

Even for guests that do not play Buzztime directly, Rod has noticed that these customers will often “play along” while waiting for meals, discussing trivia questions of interest. This extra level of entertainment makes the guests’ overall experience more enjoyable and social.

Rod now owns two Native New Yorker locations in Phoenix, where he has found success by rewarding loyal guests and engaging every customer who comes through the door. What are you doing to go beyond? Partner with Buzztime to see how we put play to work for you!

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