Easy Ways to Build Your Email List

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Many experts feel that marketing your business services via email is as valuable as using social media, if not more so. But having a few subscribers to your email list isn’t enough.

The number of subscribers to an email list tends to degrade, by as much as 25% a year because people unsubscribe or abandon the email address used, says Hubspot, a firm that helps businesses leverage the web. So businesses need to be cognizant of their email base and constantly put efforts toward adding subscribers.

Don’t Reject Traditional Methods

While an email subscription list uses modern technology, don’t dismiss using brick and mortar efforts to recruit subscribers. You can collect email addresses by asking patrons to give business cards for a free meal draw. Most, if not all, business cards contain email addresses. Let customers know that the winner will be notified by email. Add the email addresses to your email list and send out promotions.

Set Up Exclusive Offers For Mailing List Subscribers

Ikea has a Family Membership program that gives customers in-store deals but also notifies subscribers of sales items. The way the membership program works is there are computer terminals throughout the store for customers to sign up. Every member gets a free coffee whenever they visit the restaurant and special sales prices on products that are not available to non-members. Being on the Ikea email list has immediate and future benefits.

You could set up a similar program at your establishment by rewarding subscribers with special deals and keeping them on the list with member-only offers.

On every receipt or service bill given out there should be a solicitation for customers to join your email list to get special offers. Your servers should ask customers to join the email list so that they can get promotion notification. Give out an onsite promotion if a customer joins immediately.

Use Your Website To Promote An Email List

One of the more successful methods to expand an email list is using your website to promote it. Email marketing is a digital tool and you should use the digital universe to promote the service.

The key is to have the subscription button prominently displayed on your website. If you have a lot of items cluttering your website, consider simplifying your design so that eyes are drawn to the subscription form.

If you can, it’s important to have a one sentence promotional phrase to entice potential customers to subscribe with the subscription form. The sales sentence should mention that monthly coupons or promotions are only available to subscribers.

If you do any advertising, mention in a tag line that email list subscribers get unique and special offers.

As one of the oldest marketing methods, email lists have stood the test of time and proven themselves to be useful and still in-vogue. If you find your email list membership is sagging, redouble your recruiting efforts. How many email list messages arrive in your inbox?

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