Facebook Marketing Tips for Bars and Restaurants

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Virtually everyone uses social media, more than half of Americans have an online profile, and nearly a quarter use social networking multiple times a day. If you have a target demographic they can be found online and it’s imperative that your business is using social media to find them, establish your brand, engage customers, and make positive impressions on new ones.  Try these ideas to promote your bar or restaurant on Facebook!


In the world of social media, content is king and the more dynamic your content, the more likely it is to be shared. The goal of posting is to generate interest in your brand and because there is less video in the social media verse, it creates these positive impressions easier. These videos don’t need to be elaborate productions either, or even lengthy. Instagram Video creates 15 second videos; use them to create fun simple clips your customers will enjoy. Try surprising a customer, capturing a special moment, or pranking an employee for some quick clips!


Don’t try to sell your brand too often; social media users will only be annoyed. It’s more likely that your brand will make an impression with photographs of decorations, food, beverages, and customer experiences. Anything else your restaurant does well should be captured and shared. Do you have a great beer on special? Snap a pic of your customers having a drink and invite your fans to join in!


Surveys are great for creating online content, but it is more important that you follow up with your fans. Social media is for talking with customers, not at them. Ask what customers like from your business or ask for feedback on a recent promotion and use it to create a true dialog. It also never hurts to respond with a relevant coupon for those fans. If you do receive negative feedback, you must respond quickly.

Mini Contests

Customers love prizes, but that doesn’t mean you need to give away the house by offering them. Reward your customers with silly prizes like branded bottle openers or squeeze balls. They may seem like nothing but it’s enough to get your contests rolling and your customer’s engaged. Try a caption contest or fill in the blank and choose your favorite as the winner!

Employee Spotlight

Do you have an employee that you would like to recognize for doing an amazing job? Your customers would love to know that you’re treating your staff well also. Try featuring an employee of the week spotlight. Your guests will get to know your staff a little better and most of your staff will like the special attention.

Thank you cards

Does your restaurant have comment cards available for guests’ feedback? Ask if they are on Facebook and send out a public thank you or take a picture of any positive cards you receive. New customers will get a good impression of your business, and others may be more inclined to leave thank you cards in the future.

Social Media Chats

Schedule and promote an opportunity for guests to interact with your head chef, a bartender, or yourself via a Facebook post. Use this time to learn more about your customers, their experiences, and what they would like to see in the future. If you have any large events planned in the near future, be sure to have that information available to bring up in your live chat!

The key to all of these tips is to engage your fan base with content and responsiveness. The more interaction your social feed gets, the more impressions you’ll make, and the larger the impact your online efforts will have on your bar and restaurant.


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  • HiSocial

    Excellent points, questions and surveys are a great way to get valuable feedback from your customers. Besides mini contest, distributing coupons is also a good idea for bars and restaurants. Offer your users a coupon for a free coffee or pizza, and chances are you’ll get some regular guests in your bar or restaurant.

  • Reply

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  • Digital Munch

    It’s really surprising how Facebook videos are becoming insanely popular even if it’s interface isn’t nearly as good as YouTube. If you succeed with Facebook video marketing, you have succeeded the social media.

  • Howie Goldfarb

    Great post because way too many brands talk at customers vs with customers.

    Just a caveat. No one watches video on Facebook. Less than 2 mins per day and only 3.36 per month (so 1 every ten days or so). I recommend sticking with link sharing, photos, promos/contests/giveaways and talking to fans.

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