How to find the photos your customers take on their smart phones

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Regardless of the time and money you invest in photographing your bar in juuuust the right away, the horrible truth is that you will never be able to beat your customers. And the reason boils down to one word: Pride.

Patrons won’t have the insider knowledge of your employees. And they certainly don’t have the technical skill of that (over?)paid photographer.

But they will be more excited about the pictures they take because, well, they took them. More than that, those pictures feature people enjoying entertainment in which they participated. Their grainy iPhone pic wins, your professionally-shot masterpiece loses.

Knowing this, the key is finding the smart phone pictures taken by your customers so you can make the best use of them as your market your bar online. Here are a few tips for where to look:


There will be times where customers simply post their pictures right on your bar’s Facebook page. If so, congratulations. But you can also be proactive. Ask them to share their pictures, either in the hours following an event or as a reminder beforehand.


The Twitter platform lends itself to search far better than Facebook. Simply typing key words related to your bar or an event will get you going. There are also websites ( is one) that let you search further back into the site’s archives.


Like Twitter, Instagram can be searched relatively easily using keywords. Third-party Instagram manager sites like Statigram are your best bet when not on your smart phone.

Search engine:

Simply through a targeted Google search you’ll be able to find public photos posted to various social medial platforms. From there you should be able to track down the author and give them credit on your page.

Subscription services:

Another option to consider if you don’t mind spending a few bucks is a site that compiles photos and comments related to your business from places like Foursquare and Instagram. They then send you reports, providing you a quick and easy way to acquire information about your brand. One great option is Venueseen.

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