How to Use Games to Keep Bar & Restaurant Customers Longer

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The longer customers stay at your restaurants, the more money they’ll spend, so of course you want them to stay as long as possible! But how can you make sure they stick around—and keep purchasing food and drinks? Try using games! Games engage customers of all ages and turn a simple night out into a competitive challenge. Try these ideas to incorporate games and encourage customers to stay longer at your restaurant.


Trivia nights are a great way to get customers engaged and turn them into regulars. Typically, a game of trivia ends up being so fun that everyone ends up having a few more drinks and ordering more food than usual. And what’s even better is that customers come back every week to compete with their teams. If you can create a popular trivia night, you’ll have a reliable base of regular customers.

Pool and darts.

Games don’t always have to be high-tech to be fun. Sometimes the basics are a big hit, too. Once customers get involved in a game of pool, they can end up staying quite awhile (and ordering a few more drinks). And, while it might not seem like a great idea to arm drunk people with sharp objects, darts are a proven crowd pleaser.


Many restaurants are now using tablets at tables for things like ordering, paying, and gaming. This is great not just for friends who want to get together and socialize, but also for families. If younger children can be entertained with a tablet at the table, the whole family is likely to stay longer and come back more often.

Buzztime BEOND.

With Buzztime BEOND, you get trivia, cards, and 25 arcade games that will appeal to customers and keep them in your restaurant longer. Whether your customers are Millennials looking for trivia and poker or families interested in arcade games, BEOND has something for everyone.

Games at home.

But don’t think that the fun has to end when customers leave your store. Many chain restaurants, like Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, Wendys, and Chuck E. Cheese incorporate their brand into games that customers can play at home. Whether they offer these games through their own site or as part of an existing game (like Farmville or The Sims), these games engage customers even when they’re not at the restaurant. It’s best to incorporate something that encourages guests to return to your restaurant. For example, Wendy’s offers coupons to redeem at the restaurant and Chuck E. Cheese offers tickets that can be used for prizes. This means that customers will be back in soon to spend more time at the restaurant.

Do you have any fun bar games that your customers love to play?

  • brooke boyd

    Aloha from hawaii!!!! i am the manager at hilo burger joint i want to start some kind of poker event here at our bar. we already run a hosted trivia event on monday nights, it has been great for our business. I think a hosted poker event night would be a fun and great way to bring customers in to our establishment. I have contacted our local liquor distributers about sponsoring with absolute vodka. My ideas are going on and on but i need to know what i need to do with your company to stare this and perhaps connect with other bars that are customers to buzztime and get something big.. bigger than our small town of hilo. pleae let me know if you have any legal information and buzztime information need to know to start this for the new year. please let me know call me at (808)315-6669 or email me at my personal email happy holidays!!! thank you

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