How to Get Customers to Stay Longer

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There’s something very quaint about popping into your local watering hole and “grabbing a drink.” If you’re a bar manager or owner, however, you’d probably prefer they were in there for a little bit longer than just one cocktail.

So what can you do? How can you get patrons who were just stopping by for a few minutes to change their mind and hang around a little bit longer? Here are a few suggestions for ways you can make your bar more conducive to a lengthy stay.


More and more these days, people are loath to spend long periods of time anywhere that doesn’t have a good wireless connection. A strong Wi-Fi signal means faster smart phone usage and the ability to handle a work task or two without having to pick up and head home or to the office. If you’re not opposed to the occasional patron opening up their laptop, you could find yourself becoming a stop for customers who enjoy having a few beers while they take care of some late business.

So make sure you provide a reliable, strong Wi-Fi signal that can handle the size of your location.

Higher Volume Specials

Another way to get a customer to spend more time with you is to offer discounts related to volume sale of your drinks. Discounting beer when it’s purchased in groups of five or six encourages patrons to bunker down for the long haul. It also increases the likelihood they’ll be asking for a menus and making a food purchase.


If you’re looking to get patrons to spend additional time and money and don’t have a pool table in your establishment it might be something to consider. There are obviously space issues to consider for locations with less square footage, but pool is definitely a reason people might spend an extra few hours at a bar. Upkeep is generally reasonable, meaning that after your initial investment of the table it shouldn’t be a financial burden.

And of course, trivia

Trivia is the type of activity that appeals to a patron’s competitive side. Particularly in the absence of a compelling sporting event, it is a excellent way for a person to lose track of time and enjoy themselves for longer than even they expected. (Looking to add trivia to your bar? Go ahead and  contact us!)

In general you will also benefit from improving areas like customer service, cleanliness and food quality, but we assume you already work hard on those things. Consider what you can add and hopefully you’ll start seeing those checks increase.

  • Jeannies 2nd stop

    I would love to have buzztime in our bar, but we are seasonal here on the beach, and with just opening we have to watch our $'s , do you have a special of yours that u r running?

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