5 Ways Going Green is Good for Business

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What’s with all this Green?

The environmental movement is a powerful force in American culture and politics. Since its inception, the global climate change has taken center stage in the public eye and shortly thereafter, it sparked an interest in the bar and restaurant industry. As consumers’ ecological concern increase, so does their desire for products and services that are environmentally friendly. Bars and restaurants nationwide have made increasing efforts to adopt and follow the current green movement.

According to DineGreen.com, Americans spend 44% percent of their food budget on food consumed away from home – dining at more than 945,000 restaurants. It appears that consumers are already spending a large portion of their income dining out, so why change your current operation? Would going green truly probe an influx of traffic?

[pullquote]According to a survey prepared for the Green Restaurant Association, 79% of diners stated they would be more likely to dine at a restaurant that is green-certified. [/pullquote]

Give your business the competitive advantage and stand out amongst other restaurants. Restaurants should recognize the marketing power of “green initiatives.” It is easier than it appears to incorporate sustainable practices.

Organizations such as the Green Restaurant Organization have strived to create an environmentally sustainable restaurant industry. Do not let the idea of delegating resources toward going green enter you mind as a daunting or unobtainable goal. There are numerous cost-effective tools your restaurant can implement to reduce its harmful impact on the environment.

Impactful ways to transition your operation:

  • Recycle: According to the National Restaurant Association, 60% of customers prefer restaurants that recycle, with 51% saying they are willing to pay an average of 10% more at restaurants that do recycle.
  • Front of house recycling: A Recycling for All the Right Returns survey found that 85% of customers are willing to sort their recyclables.
  • Water Reduction: By implementing water-saving equipment, restaurants can save thousands of gallons of water per week.
  • Compost: More than 13% of restaurants utilize a composting system.

Other green initiatives include ‘Green Foods’ (organic and local) and ‘Green Donation’ (engaging with or donating to green projects).

Strategically think about which, if not all, of the aforementioned categories would coincide best with your consumer base.

If you are considering implementing green practices, a significant amount of communication with customers regarding the importance of green practices and the statistics to back them is necessary to succeed. For example, nearly 80% of the $10 million dollars spent on energy to sustain the U.S. restaurant industry is wasted each year. Make your customers aware of such statics to showcase the steps your restaurant is taking toward reducing your carbon footprint. Thus, you must make the invisible green practices visible by communicating with your customers.

How do you plan on going green at your establishment?

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