8 Hot New Bar Trends for 2014

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2014 is coming up fast and bringing new bar and restaurant trends along with it! While you don’t necessarily have to incorporate all of these trends into your menu, it’s smart to be aware of what the bars and restaurants around you may be serving. So what’s coming up in 2014? Read on to find out some of the biggest trends.


Forget about chicken nuggets! With beef costs going up, chicken will be gaining popularity. This means we’ll be seeing fancier, more upscale chicken dishes on many menus.

Alternative (veggie) proteins.

Also related to the high cost of meat, many vegetarian proteins (like eggs, beans, and soy-based products) will be taking center stage. This also plays into customers’ desire for healthier food in 2014.

Asian cuisine.

You probably already see Sriracha everywhere (even at Subway). The popular ramen burger is also Asian-inspired. The restaurant world’s fascination with Asian flavors shows no sign of going away.

Pickled everything.

Haven’t heard of Kimchi? You will soon! The Korean condiment (yet another Asian influence!) will be popping up often, along with pickled onion, ginger, radish, and jalapeno. The trend also continues into the beverage world, where sour cocktails (and even sour beer!) will be popular.


The latest focus for artisan bartenders? Vermouth! If you’re not familiar with this lesser-known spirit, you soon will be.

Health food.

It’s not that health food is anything new, but it will be even more of a focus in 2014. More and more Americans are watching what they eat, either because of cholesterol, obesity, and diabetes concerns or because of food allergies. More restaurants will be offering healthful options to appeal to this rapidly growing segment of the population.

Craft soda.

Forget about craft beer. The newest trend is craft soda. Many restaurants are offering their own house made root beer, ginger beer, or cream soda.


Starbucks got in on the fresh juice trend a couple of years ago, but expect to see many other businesses following suit in 2014.

Political concerns. People actually care about where their food comes from and where the money they pay for their food goes. Restaurant owners are realizing, more than ever, that their views on current political issues are important and affect the business, for better or for worse.

Although great food and great service are always in style, these are a few trends that will be making a big splash in 2014. Are you planning on incorporating any of these into your restaurant’s menu?

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