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One of the things that General Manager Steve Totillo loves about his Applebee’s location in Hickory, NC, is the relationships that have grown between his guests and his staff. Guests used to sit at the bar and not speak too much to each other.

Now, they’re forming friendships and returning again and again to spend time together (and money!)—and Steve gives a lot of the credit to Buzztime.

Since he introduced Buzztime’s trivia, sports and card games, Steve has noticed that people stay longer and spend more per visit. “Buzztime works,” says Steve, “[and] our bottom line shows it!” Guests feel more connected with the staff, who often play along and help out with trivia answers.

Bartenders know that by simply telling customers about the Buzztime Playmakers, they can turn a quiet night into a fun challenge that guests love. And, the fact that Buzztime is free to play for all visitors makes them feel like they are getting something extra that other restaurants don’t provide.

Steve also recognizes Buzztime’s special value when it comes to his younger guests. When the wait is long, his hostesses know that giving Playmakers to restless children gives parents a much-needed break with kid-friendly games.

Steve relies on Buzztime entertainment to create connections between his customers and staff, forming friendships that not only endear guests to each other but to his Applebee’s. What are you doing to go beyond? Partner with Buzztime to see how we put play to work for you!

If you’d like to learn more about how your bar or restaurant can go BEOND, click here.

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