How to Increase Sales by Being Topical

 In Bar Promotion

The world of restaurant and bar management can often times become very insulated. Your life will no doubt become almost exclusively about what takes place inside the walls of your business. And during those times when you’re bogged down by staffing issues, purchases and the like, it’s understandable that you’re losing track of the world around you.

We’re here to tell you that making sure to stay on top of current events could be one of the best decisions you make. Keeping tabs on what hot – particularly that which connects with your clientele – and incorporating it into your in-house promotional efforts can be an easy way to attract and engage customers.

A few quick examples:

The Super Bowl isn’t always the best day for bar business, but it certainly lends itself to promotion. Thinks about crafting two slightly different game day menus, each one pulling something from the cuisine of the teams. Crawfish for New Orleans, Chowder for Boston, deep dish for Chicago, etc.

You can also tie specials to the games. If you decide to run a month-long promotion for the NCAA’s annual March Madness college basketball tournament, the bar could connect drink specials to the outcome of the game. Half-off Irish Car Bombs if Notre Dame wins, for example.

Sports aren’t the only way to go. Linking a promotion to a popular TV Show or movie is an easy. You could advertise a “Mad Men” night, for example. Have customers dress up in period outfits and cater the drink specials to the show (in that case, lots of scotch).

If your restaurant tends to be a place where patrons gather to discuss current events and politics you may be able to tie promotions in that direction. But tread carefully. People tend to take politics more seriously than they do entertainment, so make sure you are not facilitating an environment that alienates anymore or promotes too much hostility.

The bottom line is that you’ll never go wrong by being in tune with what your customers care about. The more you’re ingrained in their interests, the more they’ll want to spend time (and money) with you.

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