Instagram or Vine Video? Which Is the Better Marketing Tool For Your Restaurant?

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With latest release of video editing platform by Instagram on June 20th, 2013, many restaurant owners are now asking questions about the better choice, Vine or Instagram Video? With the launch of Instagram Video, the topic “Instagram vs Vine” becomes a heated discussion between online marketing gurus and on online forums. Both apps have certain advantages over each other but if you don’t have time to use two different apps for marketing your restaurant, read ahead to learn some in-depth details about both apps that can help you in making a right choice.

The video-sharing apps are becoming popular among the online marketing experts since the launch of Vine at the beginning of 2013. Similarly, many restaurant owners are serious about marketing their business and find it a useful tool to promote their establishment using short videos. Until recently, the only good choice was Vine, but with the launch of Instagram Video, it’s time to choose between the two.

The first question you may have to ask yourself is what social media website is your priority for online marketing of your restaurant, Twitter or Facebook? The reason you might have to ask this question before making a choice is that Vine is owned by Twitter and is more compatible with Twitter while Instagram is owned by Facebook and naturally goes well with Facebook.

Why Vine?

For those who want to use their custom made short videos on Twitter or looking to embed promotional videos on blogs or websites, Vine is a better option. As Vine is owned by Twitter, it allows visitors to view Vine videos directly without any link. Unlike Instagram, Vine allows users to embed videos directly on blogs and websites.

Vine also allows users to mute the audio if someone is using any of the Vine video at a public place, but there is no such option with Instagram.

What about Instagram Video?

With video length of 15 seconds as compared to 6 seconds with Vine, Instagram allows users to add more promotional value in their short video. With more filters, image stabilization (ability to correct shakiness) and an option to delete last clip (option to edit), Instagram Video has better video making options available as compared to Vine.

As reaching out to more audience is critical for every restaurant owner, Instagram allows you to reach out to larger audience base since Facebook is the parent company of the app. There is no need for Facebook users to click on a link to watch a video, as Instagram videos can be integrated into Facebook.

What is your Final Decision?

Testing both platforms may help you decide what features you like best.

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