Irresistible Fall Drink Trends for Your Bar Menu

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Now that summer’s over and fall is on its way in, it’s time to say goodbye to sangria and summer beers. But that’s no reason to get depressed—the colder weather brings in tons of new trends to liven up your bar. From liquor to bitters to cocktail glasses, here’s what you can look forward to.


If you haven’t heard of Mezcal yet, you will soon. This smoky distilled alcohol is made from agave plants. Mezcal comes from Oaxacan villages, but it’s becoming more and more popular in the states. Be on the lookout for other exotic spirits as well, like Brazilian Cachaca and Peruvian pisco.

Japanese mixing glasses.

Now that mason jars are thoroughly played out, bartenders are turning towards Japanese bar accessories. Many are particularly fond of the Yarai, and super-stylish mixing glass.

Bottled or drafted cocktails.

Customers are tired of waiting forever for bartenders to make their painstakingly crafted drinks. It’s way quicker (and more fun!) to have a pre-mixed cocktail on tap or in a bottle.


With its million different flavors and its relatively reasonable price tag, rum is a great choice for any bar. What’s more, rum can easily match up with tons of different flavors. With rum being so popular, look for the return of a classic cocktail: the daiquiri. This super-simple drink will be even more popular than usual this fall.


Not only are customers tired of waiting forever to get their drinks, they’re tired of complicated drinks, period. If your drinks have too many complex flavors, your ingredients don’t get a chance to shine. Instead of complex cocktails, focus on simple classics (like Manhattans, daiquiris, and old fashioneds) that let your ingredients do the work.

Fancy bitters.

Forget basic bitters. Many bartenders are making their own unique bitters to provide their cocktails with a little something extra. However, many craft bitters producers are popping up, which means that bartenders are able to buy unusual bitters pre-made.


Brandy has been working its way back into popularity, and that trend will continue into fall. Brandy, especially Cognac, is especially great for bartenders to mix into cocktails.

Be on the lookout for these trends this fall. By incorporating some new trends (and old favorites) you can spice up your bar’s menu. Do you have any fun Fall items on your menu?

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