Jackpot Trivia Guaranteed FUN for Your Bar Patrons

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Jackpot Trivia Guaranteed FUN for Your Bar Patrons

Do you have a trivia night at your bar? If you’re like tons of bars all around the country, you probably do! Trivia is a great way to bring in customers and make sure they’re having fun, but are you really getting the most out of your trivia nights? The truth is, some customers may be driven away by the difficulty of trivia—and what if they want to play trivia on a night other than your designated trivia night? Then they’re just out of luck when it comes to traditional trivia.

But that’s where Jackpot Trivia comes in. Jackpot invites every patron to become a player with a chance at victory – and that’s good for business.

With Jackpot Trivia, you don’t have to rely on having one trivia night…every night can be trivia night! That’s because Jackpot uses on-demand gameplay. As long as customers are in your bar, they’re in control. And if customers don’t show up with a team? No problem! Jackpot allows players to compete against everyone in your bar. There’s nothing like a little bit of friendly competition to get your customers having fun.

Jackpot Trivia

And for customers who are worried about the difficulty of traditional trivia, Jackpot has them covered. With Jackpot Trivia, players can choose their own categories. If players know way more about movies than history, they can select that category and play to their advantages. And what about those times when players could use just a little boost? Jackpot Trivia understands. Hint, 50/50, Double Up, and Free are in-game boosts that let players get a little help just when they need it the most—and maybe outsmart their opponents in the process.

What’s more, Jackpot Trivia allows your players to use some strategy. With traditional trivia, you’re either wrong or right, but that’s not the case with Jackpot. A stack of in-game tokens let customers split their answers if they’re not sure—or go for broke if they’re confident!

Jackpot Trivia

While your customers enjoy exciting gameplay every night of the week, your business benefits from more butts in seats, more rounds of drinks, and more repeat guests. Leave an impression with a stand-apart community gaming experience that appeals to all guests. Learn more about Buzztime’s gaming platform and how you can get Jackpot Trivia in your bar/restaurant!



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