Lights, Camera, Action! 10 Ways to Bring Your Instagram Photos to Life

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With more than 130 million active users per month uploading more than 45 million photo uploads per day on Instagram, it pays to focus your bar or restaurant’s marketing efforts on this important social network.

People eat with their eyes, and Instagram is the perfect medium to bring the greatness of your bar or restaurant’s food and drinks to life with visuals, while connecting with your customers. And when it comes to success on Instagram, the quality and beauty of your photos is KEY.

Here are 10 great ways to bring your Instagram photos to life.

1)  Add excitement to your images with an interesting backdrop:

Pay attention, not only to the presentation of the menu item that you’re photographing, but also what’s behind it. Choose a background that will add some interest, such as a painting or decorative piece.

2)  Get a little avant-garde with image editing effects:

Use Instagram’s photo editing and framing tools to give your photos interesting effects by altering their shading, sharpness and overall appearance.

3)  Go beyond the menu:

While food and drink images are the staples of your Instagram campaign, don’t stop at the menu. Capture the vibe, people, style and décor that reflect your bar or restaurant. But remember when photographing people, you’ll need them to fill out a photo release form.

4)  Watch your lighting:

Natural light offers the best lighting for photography. But timing your photo shoot around ideal natural lighting scenarios isn’t always possible. When photographing images inside or in a dark room, a spotlight and turning on your camera’s flash can do the trick.

5)  Make sure the food presentation is up to par:

Pay extra attention to the presentation of the plate. Add elements to the food presentation, such as fresh garnishes or colorful fruit atop a dessert, for instance. The presentation of your plate will carry through your image representation of them.

6)  Add a lens accessory to your phone:

Adding a lens accessory to your phone will help you snap better Instagram photos. One of them is called Olloclip for $69, as recommended in this Business Insider article by Kevin Smith, 12 Tips And Tricks For Taking Amazing Instagram Photos.

7)  Combine multiple photos to create a collage: 

Create a collage of a group of photos together, such as a food and wine pairing, seasonal menu or highlights from a recent event or celebration. There are a number of apps available that you can download to your phone or tablet, allowing you to easily create a collage of photos.

8)  Use just one filter per image:

According to an Instagram blog, it’s ideal to use only one filter on every shared photograph. While this can be a huge challenge, having a visually cohesive theme will result in the best effect.

9)  Keep photos organized by theme:

Give your collection of images a logical and consistent theme, then organize them and tag them appropriately. This will make it easier for other followers to search for and find them on Instagram.

10)  Create photo contests:

Invite your Instagram followers to upload their best photos from your restaurant or to vote on their favorite food item. Give your followers reasons to get engaged with your brand on Instagram, while also getting valuable feedback from your fans and customers.

Instagram is a fun and easy social media tool that anyone with a phone or mobile device can put to work. With these simple photography tips you’ll be winning over your fans and customers in no time! Want to know more ways to use Instagram? Check out this article!

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