Live Events – the Secret to Your Bar’s Success

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Does every night feel the same at your bar? Do you feel like you haven’t done anything new in awhile? You might need to inject some excitement into your bar—and that’s where live events come in!

Live events are a great secret weapon when it comes to your bar’s success. If you’re wondering why they’re so important, here are a few benefits your bar will get from live events:

Customer excitement.

Live events will reward your loyal customers with something new and fun, but they’ll also attract new customers to your bar. And new customers mean more sales!


Many local events can help you show your commitment to your neighborhood. Whether you’re supporting a local charity or showcasing a local band, you’ll be part of your community.

They keep people coming back.

Many events happen on a weekly or monthly basis, and if you create enough excitement around them, your customers will want to come back for every one!

Now that you know how live events can help your bar succeed, let’s focus on some killer live event ideas. Try out one (or more!) of these ideas for your bar!

Karaoke and open mics.

Do your customers have some secret talents to share? Give them a chance to have the spotlight. Bonus: a weekly karaoke or open mic night can draw customers back again and again.


A live concert is a great way to switch up your bar’s typical tunes. Not only will your regular customers be interested in the change of pace, but you might be able to turn the band’s fans into regulars.


Buzztime LIVE can help you create live events that will draw a crowd, engage your customers, and boost sales—what more could you ask for? Trivia LIVE lets customers compete show off their knowledge in the arenas of pop culture, sports, and more. But it’s not just for know-it-alls! OpinioNation is all about the most popular answer, not the facts! And if your customers are feeling lucky, Hold ‘Em LIVE turns your TVs into poker tables.


Partnering with a local charity is a great way to bring in customers and do some good. Whether you’re hosting a raffle, an auction, or something else, a charity event shows that you care about giving back to your neighborhood.

Live events can be a great way to bring in new customers and help your bar succeed. What types of live events can you throw at your bar?

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