How Live Events Can Turn a Slow Night into a Busy Night at Your Bar

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If you’re dealing with too many boring, slow, nights at your bar, live events may be the answer. They’re fun, they get people excited, and most importantly, they bring in more customers! Are you wondering what type of live event you can pull off at your bar? Check out this list of fun live events that can turn your bar’s dull nights into consistently packed great ones.

Costume contests.

See how creative your customers are by encouraging them to dress in costume. Whatever your theme—a holiday, a sports event, a decade, or a movie—customers will get excited about the chance to dress up. You can offer a discount to anyone in costume or up the stakes by giving a prize to the best dressed customer.

Charity fundraisers.

Hosting a live event for charity can be a great way to show that you’re part of your community while doing good at the same time. Partner with a local charity to host a raffle, concert, contest, or even a dating auction. You’ll likely get lots of customers who don’t normally come to your bar—hopefully, you can turn them into repeat customers.


If your bar is big enough, bringing in a band can be an awesome live event. Not only will your usual customers enjoy the chance to hear some new music, but the fans of the band will come check out your bar. If your space is super tiny and you don’t have room for a full band, you might consider just bringing in one person who plays an acoustic guitar for a more mellow vibe.

Open mics.

There’s no reason why professional musicians should have all the fun! An open mic. night can be a great way to bring out the talented musicians and performers in your community.


Everyone enjoys a little bit of friendly competition. With BEOND Live Events, you can offer fun games your customers love, like trivia and poker. Having a live game schedule is a great way to make a slow night, busy.


People love to show off their singing skills (or lack thereof), and a karaoke night is a great way to engage your customer base. By making it a regular thing, you can create a live event your customers look forward to every week. Also, local publications often write about and rank the best karaoke nights, so if yours is good, you can attract extra attention.

Private parties.

Depending on the layout of your bar, private parties can be a great option to bring in lots of people and make a good amount of money. If you have any space in your bar that can be closed off—for example, a back room or a second level—you can host parties there. Office parties and birthday parties are two examples. The best part is, you only have to book the party—the person planning it does all the work of bringing in people.

Live events can spice up a boring night! Which of these events could you implement at your bar?

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