How to measure the success of a social media promotion

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Let’s say you’ve become supremely diligent when it comes to exploring the marketing possibilities social media provides for bars and restaurants. You’ve read helpful how-to articles (link), dedicated resources to exploring the best strategies and eventually hit the ground running by incorporating social media into your latest major promotion.

Now you’ve got another question: How do I know if it’s working?

The web presents a multitude of new and exciting ways to connect with customers on a more personal level, but it isn’t always clear how to gauge the effectiveness of that interaction.

Here are a few hints for how to better analyze your promotional work, broken down into a few subcategories.

Social Media contests

If you put together a specific social media campaign using a site like Facebook, the important thing is to evaluate participation based on what you know about your following.

We recently watched a restaurant operate a photo contest in which they solicited pictures of fans enjoying nicer weather and asking them to have their friends vote for the best pic.

Voting took place on a newly created Facebook tab and the most-voted entry received a prize. It was interesting to see the levels of engagement increase around the time of the promotions as more and more friends got involved.

The restaurant used a specific URL to send people to their tab, which they sent out over social media. They made a point to encourage customers to share the link. This gave them something to go back and analyze when looking at how often the URL had been shared over various platforms.

Online promotion

Another restaurant recently offered a discount using Facebook Offers. For one week they posted a coupon for $5 off the next purchase.

Despite the restaurant having fewer than 2,000 fans at the time, the promotion was claimed by 100 people. Given the percentage of fans likely to see a given piece of Facebook content, this is a very promising number.

Not only is the restaurant connecting with the 100 people who claimed the offer and who will visit to redeem their offer, but also the hundreds of friends who saw on their timeline that each individual fan had taken advantage of the promotion. If you figure a few hundred friends per Facebook user, that means the deal got the restaurant’s name in the minds of thousands of different Facebook users in just a few days.

Offline promotion

Another clever way to gauge exactly what kind of reach you have on social media is to post a discount exclusively over one of your platforms. This is particularly helpful if you make some effort to keep track of how customers learned about your restaurant.

We know of bars that make a point to have servers ask customers what brought them to the location and then enter the information into a database. If you give your followers on Facebook or Twitter a special, social media-only discount you’ll be able to get a lot of information as to how much weight your conversation holds with friends.

No one expects you to run a promotion over and over again if you’re not actually making any money, so use these tips to analyze your results to be better informed before investing in the next promotion.

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