Why More and More Restaurants Are Choosing Food Ordering Apps

Food ordering apps are becoming more and more commonplace in restaurants nowadays. In fact, almost every major chain restaurant has one, from Domino’s, to Wagamama, to McDonald’s. [...]


How to Select the Best Restaurant POS System

Looking to upgrade or replace your restaurant POS system? You’ve got options. Many options! There are dozens of companies to choose from. We break down how to select the best POS system for your [...]


The 9 Most Useful Holiday Gifts for Seniors

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. But the holidays can also be stressful for senior living community managers in need of creative ways to boost holiday cheer for residents. That’s why [...]


Making Spirits Bright: 25 Christmas Cocktails with Shortcuts

Oh, what fun it is to whip up these 25 irresistible Christmas cocktails for guests! We’ve included “elf shortcuts” to save your bartenders valuable time with premade punches, mixers, and gourmet [...]

Undercover Report: 9 Tips for Dealing with Customers Who Won’t Leave

It’s a Catch 22: you provide great service at your restaurant, so guests get comfortable – too comfortable. What can you do? Try these 9 tips for dealing with customers who stay too long, a [...]

The Only Beverage and Food Cost Formula You Need

Food and beverage costs can be your BFFs or you biggest enemies. It’s all in how you calculate your costs and use them to price your menu. The goal is to build in a margin that ensures [...]


How to Create a Restaurant Manager Checklist in 3 Steps

Every day is unpredictable in the restaurant and bar biz. One day it’s an unexpected rush of customers, the next it’s 3 servers calling in sick. One way to offset the chaos? A restaurant manager [...]


Increase Sales with 15 Restaurant Marketing Ideas: 30 Minutes, $30 Each or Less

First of all, you’re busy. But marketing is a must for increasing sales and bringing in guests. What can you do? Take 30 minutes to tackle one of these 15 restaurant marketing ideas. BONUS: Most [...]


9 Restaurant Email Marketing Ideas That Bring Crowds

There’s a method to the madness of restaurant email marketing: Give customers a reason to open your email, then reward them for doing so. These 9 email templates and 5 fast ways to grow your [...]


The Ultimate FAQ Sheet: How to Respond to Negative Reviews Online

It’s happening. An angry customer is slamming you on Facebook. What do you do? Don’t panic. Use this proven 7A Formula for how to respond to negative reviews. You can win back their hearts and [...]

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