Real Facts About Your Customers’ Alcohol Consumption

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What are the real facts about your customers’ alcohol consumption? The truth may surprise you!

Blowfish’s Intoxication Nation lays down some real talk about what your customers are actually drinking–for starters, Americans think they drink 277 drinks a year, the truth is more to the tune of 819 drinks a year! Of course, information like this is encouraging for bar and restaurant owners. But beyond that, if you pay attention to these trends with your customers in mind, you may be able to understand your clientele and increase your sales.

Let’s take a look at the graphic. America’s top drink probably won’t surprise you—it’s beer, followed by vodka and red wine. However, the top three most hangover inducing drinks are tequila, vodka, and red wine, so you might want to be careful serving too many of them if you don’t want your customers to curse you in the morning.

When it comes down to men vs. women, you probably won’t be surprised to know that there are some key differences in drink favorites. Women tend to order margaritas, while men lean more towards rum and cokes. And when it’s time for shots, women most often select a lemon drop while men opt for a Jagerbomb.

And be sure not to focus all of your efforts on attracting younger customers. Americans over 50 are three times as likely to drink every day as the national average, and people in their 40s drinks twice as much as people in their twenties.

And when it comes to sports fans, who do you think can put away the most drinks? You might guess football, but golf fans drink most of all!


Of course, stereotypes and trends aren’t true for everyone, but these statistics can give you a feel for the overall tendencies of your customer base. Take another look at the Intoxication Nation infographic. Is there anything else that surprises you?

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