Instagram For Bars: How It Can Help You!

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Photos have never been more important in the world of social media marketing.

Anybody unsure of that fact was probably convinced when Mark Zuckerberg wrote a check for $1 billion (that’s with a ‘b’) earlier this year to acquire upstart Instagram. The biggest name in social media placed an incredible value on possessing the hottest platform for editing and sharing pictures.

As a restaurant owner you are no doubt aware what smart phones have done to the modern world. You look from behind the bar and see patron after patron whipping out their phone to capture images of food, drink and everything that goes along with the entertainment experience. It’s to the point where a night on the town doesn’t exist unless the highlights are shared in real time over social media.

So you need to get in the game and make sure you’re taking advantage of what is happening on your property every day. And you need to be proactive.

Make sure to post your Instagram information in the bar. Say specifically that you want them to share their photos. Print business cards that express how much you’d like to see pictures of their celebration on your Facebook page. A QR code will be helpful so customers can instantly connect with your platform while still on-site.

It comes down to value. Is there a better advertisement for your restaurant than paying customers sharing pictures of your food and drink while having a great time? The work of a professional photographer will never give you that kind of marketing punch.

One more thing to consider: In the course of looking at pictures taken by your customers, you might pick-up on areas which need to be improved. You could spot a kitchen or customer service issue that you missed while in the office or on a day off. These images can be then used to show the staff where they need to pick up their game.

And once you get the pictures, make use of them. Put together a contest that awards the best picture of a certain month or special event. Let fans know there is something in it for them if they make a point to share their experience.

A lot of what goes into good social media is making use of what is right under your nose. Putting the amateur photography skills of your customers to good use is just another example.

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