Why You Should Never Remove Facebook Comments (Even the Bad Ones)

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Everybody loves to read something nice. That goes double when the something nice is about your business. “Had a great time Friday night!” “The new sound system rocks!” “Your toilet paper is the softest!” It’s all good.

But what happens when a customer (gasp!) has a complaint? Be it food quality or customer service, the always-right patron will occasionally have a beef with some aspect of their experience.

In the world of social media that dissatisfaction will most often manifest itself as a comment on your business’ Facebook page. Somebody will verbalize his or her complaint in language ranging from constructive criticism to downright nastiness. Your first reaction will be to use your admin powers to delete the comment, preventing current and future customers from reading what you probably feel amounts to bad press.

But we want you to make sure you resist that temptation at all costs. Negative Facebook comments are the make-lemonade-from-lemons of the social media world and by deleting a critique you are literally passing on an opportunity to bring in more business and strengthen your ties with existing customers. Seriously.

Look at it this way: social media is all about communication and two-way conversation – it’s not a dictatorship. So by publicly criticizing your establishment this disgruntled customer has presented you an opportunity.

The important thing at this point isn’t the customer’s so-called bad experience, it’s how you deal with it in a very public forum.

If customers see a negative comment, then notice it has disappeared, they could potentially lose faith in your brand. It would be logical for your Facebook fans to think you aren’t interested in feedback of all types, just the kind that is positive.

The smartest thing you can do is ask the commenter how you can make things right. The level of apology is up to you (one word, two syllables: Supersize!), but making sure that you demonstrate a legitimate concern here is the critical element.

Your Facebook fans are watching, ready to gauge the size of your brand’s heart. It is not a stretch that your herculean patience with this squeaky wheel will bring you additional business.

If you handle it correctly, that skunked beer or cold side of fries might end up being your best friend.

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