5 Ways Restaurants Can Leverage the New Instagram Videos

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Just last week, Instagram introduced its new video feature. Users of Instagram can now take videos up to 15 seconds long.

This was released In hopes of competing with Vine, a video clip sharing app, which was released on January 24th by Twitter. Just like with Vine, the Instagram video feature allows the video to be segmented as it will only record when the user’s finger is pressing the record button. Unlike Vine, Instagram videos are 15 seconds long instead of six, and can be edited as segments of video can removed. Also, Instagram added 13 new filters.  Another unique feature Instagram added is the “cinema” feature.  With “Cinema”, a user can upload their videos from their phone and clean up the grainy quality. Long story short, the video feature of Instagram is an awesome and extremely useful feature whether you are an everyday user or a restaurant looking to show off your daily specials and cocktails. You’ll want to use Instagram’s videos similarly to how you use the photo sharing feature, but it will give an in-depth and more action packed way to show off your restaurant.


Show off a little. Attract customers by showing the atmosphere of your restaurant. Take a video during a busy day or packed happy hour. A fun and energetic atmosphere is extremely attractive. Make sure to focus in on individual customers or tables enjoying their meals and drinks.

Show off your Menu

Create videos showcasing your standout menu items or the creation of a famous cocktail. This will show customers what they are missing and get their taste buds craving your menu items.


Show your employees working hard but having fun at the same time. The positivity of your workers will stand out in their mind. Remember a loyal customer base starts with a loyal employee base. You could also show your chefs in the kitchen preparing dishes.

Special announcements

Instagram can be a way to make commercials for free. Make special announcements to draw customers in. If you have a big event coming up like a holiday party, make a video about it. How about a new daily special, happy hour, or drink special? Get the word out with an Instagram video!

Capitalize on customer photos and videos

Looking for other ways to use Instagram to engage with customers? Try searching for  keywords and hashtags to find pictures and videos taken by your customers so you can make the best use of them as your market your establishment.

Instagram’s video feature is a new unique ability that can take your social media marketing to the next level. It will now provide you with a free way to post what are essentially 15 second commercials to your social media pages.

How will you use Instagram’s video feature?

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