The Rise of Tablets in Restaurants

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You’ve no doubt noticed that technology is becoming a bigger and bigger part of customers’ restaurant experiences. In fact, you probably even use many new technologies in your restaurant. But are you taking advantage of everything you can do with tablets? If not, read on to find out about tablets’ increasing popularity and the value they can offer to restaurants and customers.

What’s behind the increase in tablets? Although there are a few reasons (the convenience for customers among them), one important reason is money. A rising minimum wage and greater healthcare costs have led some restaurants to explore new options. If a restaurant can’t afford to hire as many employees as it once did, how can it still stay in business? That’s where tablets can be incredibly helpful. Austin-area restaurant Lucky Robot allows its customers to order using tablets—no need for a server to get involved.

But tablets aren’t just useful for restaurants looking to save on employment costs. Even businesses that aren’t trying to reduce labor costs can take advantage of them. Some restaurants are using tablets as menus. The benefits are easy to see—tablets can display far more information than typical paper menus, and they’re also much simpler to update at a moment’s notice.

Customers can also pay their bills with tablets. Believe it or not, tablets can actually encourage customers to leave bigger tips, even if they have less server interaction than usual. Tablets are able to “suggest” tips, and if the default suggestion is 20%, customers are likely to pay it.

However, tablets also have uses besides business functions! Sure, they can take orders and help customers pay bills, but they can also help customers have fun. Tablets are perfect for games. With Buzztime BEOND, you can turn a tablet into a convenient way for your customers to play trivia and poker games. Our BEOND platform delivers entertainment to over 4.6 million players at over 3,000 locations nationwide in the form of exciting games and live events. When customers have something fun to do, they’re much more likely to hang out for a long time and make more purchases, helping you to boost sales, draw a crowd and drive traffic on slow nights. Customers will want to come back with their friends again and again!  Keeping customers entertained is our life’s work and our area of expertise.

Check out our video to learn more!

If you don’t use tablets at your restaurant, give them a chance. Not only do they help your restaurant look more current, but they can increase your sales, too. Tablets can reduce labor costs, make great menus, increase tips, and allow your customers to have fun!

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