Do You Run Regular Social Media Promotions?

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Does your bar or restaurant run contests over social media? Are you doing it consistently? If the answer to either question is ‘No,’ it’s likely you aren’t taking full advantage of your social media presence, particularly when it comes to Facebook.

The simple fact is that hosting regular contests serves two very important purposes:

First, it rewards your existing customers who chose to participate. At least in terms of your social media operations, it gives them a sense they are part of what you’re doing.

Second, contests serve the very important purpose of allowing you to invite more people to participate in your social media conversation. People who aren’t currently fans will see the contest on the walls of their friends and give them incentive to connect with your business.

Here’s a quick example of how a contest can work: Ask on Facebook for fans to upload photos. They can be of an event at your bar or simply a generic request related to something related to weather or current events.

Make sure that to vote, a Facebook user must be a fan of your page. When a new fan votes this activity will show up on their wall. Their friends will see this continued interest and you will eventually start seeing those fans return to check on the contest.

A photo is just one option, but the key is creativity. Experiment with caption contests or trivia. You can even conduct a simple participation-based drawing or sweepstakes.

Technically you are not allowed to host a contest directly from your Facebook page due to liability reasons. Under certain circumstances we’ve seen businesses have their page shut down when they didn’t heed warnings.

Take advantage of third-party services like Shortstack or Wildfire to build tabs for you. Those sites will help you develop custom graphic to personalize the visual experience.

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