Behind the Scenes at Buzztime with Alexandra Gerritsen

 In Customer Service

At Buzztime, we have a wide array of interesting, fun and passionate employees that all play a significant role in perfecting our product and keeping our customers happy! We’d love to give you the chance to take a peek behind the scenes at who exactly these amazing people are.

Alexandra (Ali) is our Sr. Technical Project Manager here at Buzztime. She is responsible for managing important projects, like our brand new touchscreen Tablet Playmaker and our Mobile Playmaker app, from their initial stages of development all of the way to production.  She also managed the development of our new player rewards program, Buzztime Regulars. She loves the fact that her job gives her the ability to take ideas and help them come to realization as something tangible. Ali loves having fun at work, and has a great time developing cool new features with her amazing team.

In her free time, Ali loves planning parties and entertaining friends and family, as well as playing volleyball and basketball. She loves to try new things, especially food and wines! Ali has an intense, passionate personality that reveals itself both in her work and personal life. Her serious work hard/play hard attitude, paired with her extremely sarcastic sense of humor make her a perfect fit here at Buzztime.

What is your favorite Buzztime game to play?
Buzztime Trivia LIVE

What do you think makes for a great atmosphere at a bar & restaurant?
Entertainment (aka Buzztime) and Live music. I love ways bars and restaurants help you meet new people.

What attracted you to the industry?
The fact that we are on the cutting edge of technology with our new development efforts surrounding the tablet.

What is your favorite go-to drink?

What celebrity, living or dead, would you most like to have a drink with?
Mariah Carey, she has been my favorite singer for as long as I can remember

If you had a bar, what would you name it?
I would name it “The Tombs” if I could, after my favorite college bar at Georgetown that I went to for 99 days in a row. My name is on the wall. It’s definitely the only bar I would want to own.

If you had a super power, what would it be?
The ability to fly

What’s one cool thing about Buzztime you wish people knew?
How great it is to work here. The team is the best I have ever worked with and the work/life balance is fantastic.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 things would you want with you?
A lighter, a fishing pole, my husband – he is a cook!

Tune in each week to catch the next behind the scenes segment of our Buzztime team.

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