Score Sales on Super Bowl Sunday

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It’s no surprise to bar and restaurant owners that the day of the big game is not known for drawing a crowd. While Super Bowl Sunday is in the top 10 for biggest beer-buying holidays, the 49 million cases are primarily purchased for at-home parties. So how can you increase traffic to your bar? Throw a party!

Offer Package Pricing
Often people consider parties a less expensive alternative to spending an evening in a bar where they are dishing out cash for each drink they order. To compete with the affordability of BYOB-parties, offer package pricing.

Create a Thematic Menu
Offer a specialty menu with traditional dishes from each team’s home turf. Serve fresh seafood and California cuisine in honor of the 49ers; Provide crab and stock up on Natty Boh for those Baltimore fans. Or create a traditional spread of traditional New Orleans fare by taking cues from a menu like the one that Broussard’s put together.

Game Related Deals
Create deals that revolve around the action of the game. Put different drinks on special each quarter depending on who’s ahead, offer $1 shots after each touchdown, or serve free appetizers during half time. Your guests will likely try drinks that otherwise may not interest them.

Group Specials
Encourage large groups to come in by offering Facebook and Foursquare check-in specials. Create food or drink specials that are only available during the game that may only be redeemed when a group of five or more check in together.

Provide Alternatives to Football
Some enjoy Super Bowl parties because they can mingle and enjoy other activities than actually watching the game, so create an atmosphere that appeals to everyone. Reserve some televisions for programming other than football (Puppy Bowl, perhaps?) or start a game of trivia in a back room to keep the whole crowd happy.

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