The Secret Sauce to Marketing Your Bar/Restaurant on Facebook

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With an estimated one billion users on Facebook, the need to promote your bar or restaurant on this giant social network is obvious. But, while “likes” and comments on your Facebook page are great, at the end of the day, what really counts is your ability to use Facebook to attract new and existing customers. So what’s the secret sauce for turning your Facebook efforts into actual revenue for your business?

Be active and engaged:

At minimum, aim to post at least once or twice a day on your Facebook page. And when somebody comments on a post, show you are engaged by responding quickly. It’s also important to get everyone who works in your bar or restaurant engaged on Facebook. Encourage staff members to regularly comment on posts, share your business page and individual posts with their own Facebook fans, and at least “like” your page.

Strategically time when your posts appear:

Time your posts to reach fans when they are most likely to see them. For instance, avoid posting at 3 AM if your restaurant is a dinner establishment and most of your patrons are sleeping. Posts can also be automatically scheduled in advance. To find out more about the best and worst times to post on Facebook, read this blog post.

Keep Facebook posts interesting and relevant:

When creating posts, think about what your target audiences will be most interested in seeing. Is it a special promotion or the announcement of a new menu, perhaps? And remember to mix things up a bit by not just posting about your bar or restaurant, but more general information as well, such as fun food/drink trivia questions or an interesting article you found about summer cocktails.

Reward customers for checking-in:

Encourage Facebook fans to check-in when visiting your bar or restaurant by offering prizes and rewards for doing so. Check-ins are a great way to promote your bar or restaurant because when they check-in, the post then gets automatically shared with their Facebook friends, creating more attention for your business page.

Set aside a realistic budget for Facebook Ads, Offers and Promoted Posts:

Consider allocating an advertising budget for Facebook Ads, Offers and Promoted Posts. Doing so, will increase your business’s chance of exposure on Facebook. To figure out which type of Facebook ad or paid promotion is best for you, here is a helpful article on the topic.

Track performance:

Facebook Insights is a free reporting tool you can use to get more insight into your page activities and interactions. Understanding how your fans and which fans are interacting with your Facebook page will allow you to better hone your efforts for maximum success.

Use photos to enhance your page:

Posting attractive food and drink photos from your menu is an easy way to entice your Facebook fans to come into your bar or restaurant. Also encourage customers to post and share their own photos from their experience in your bar or restaurant. Because as the saying goes, “Pictures tell 1,000 words.”

Facebook is an essential marketing tool for any business today, and with these practical tools, it can become a real profit center for your bar or restaurant.

Share your Facebook successes with us – we’d love to hear them.

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  • Evelynn Montgomery

    Great Tips! One thing you touched on – but to go a little deeper – the power of food photos in the restaurant industry. There's a fairly new iPhone and Android app called DinnerWire. When restaurants sign up for free to manage their page, they'll get updates of all the photos DinnerWire users take at their restaurant and then share to Facebook, Twitter, and Google. 🙂 All of your tips were great, but I think the biggest one was your first one – not to underestimate the power of engagement.

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